piston compressors

1. Piston Compressors

Our range of piston compressors from 1.5 to 20 HP offers direct and belt-driven models including lubricated, oil-free and low noise versions. The use of high-quality materials, constant checks at every stage of the manufacturing process, and the following design features have sealed our success.


Pumps entirely made of die-cast aluminum, oilless, and with no need for maintenance: these characteristics guarantee air without impurities for the most delicate applications and simple transportability, since there is no danger of oil leakage, even when the compressor is laid down on aside.
Shroud made of sturdy plastic: they fully cover all the internal mechanical parts and prevent accidental contact with moving parts or with parts that heat up during operation.
All the models of this line are packaged
in boxes with four colors with sleek graphics, illustrated with photographic images and symbols that summarize the technical information and that are easy to read.


Pumps lubricated with a cast-iron cylinder, crankcase and head in aluminium and sturdy covers in plastic that channel the air to cool down the head.
Oversized electrical motors to ensure the long durability.
All the models of this line are packaged
 in boxes with four colors with sleek graphics, illustrated with photographic images and symbols that summarize the technical information
and that are easy to read.


Thanks to their excellent resistance to wear, these pumps are built to guarantee durability in time and the highest reliability.
The advantages that distinguish these belt-driven bi-cylindrical compressors are many:

  • Aftercoolers that ensure efficient cooling
of the air flowing into the tank;

  • Oversized oil crankcase for improved lubrication;
  • Spherical shafts in cast iron;
  • Connecting rods with special anti-wear manufacture;

  • Multi-blade flywheels for optimal cooling of the pump.


The models of this range are enriched with technical solutions that improve their use:

  • Sturdy belt guards in plastic to protect all the moving parts;

  • Pressure reducers with a dual outlet;

  • Highly efficient two-stage pumps;

  • Cast iron cylinders for long durability;

  • Visual check of the oil level;

  • Solid handles;

Large wheels and double caster wheels for simple transportation.

  • Compressors are ideal for all domestic jobs and DIY.
  • Oilless, maintenance-free compressor pump.
  • Compact and easy to transport and storage.


Tandem compressor set-up guarantees:

  • Total flexibility of use;

  • High reliability;
Better performance thanks to the higher intake of air and higher volumetric efficiency.

Also available with the star-delta starter.
Sturdy plastic belt guard designed to improve ventilation of the two pumps.
Large vibration damping feet for greater stability during operation.


Made to solve the problem of noise in the workplace, these compressors stand out in the market for having the lowest noise level in the category: this noise reduction was achieved by enclosing the machine in a soundproof cabinet with special sound-absorbing panels, taking care of ventilation and, on some models, using special intake silencers.
The combination of high-quality material and maximum care in the assembly of the machine ensure excellent performance and long life.

Main features:

  • Low noise emission;

  • Forced ventilation;
Integrated control panel;

  • Star-delta starter run by the electronic card;
  • Pump unit with cast iron cylinder for long life;
  • Finned aftercooler for cooling the air;
  • Easy access to internal mechanical and electrical parts.


  • Compressors suitable for heavy and continuous use.
  • Ideal for the most demanding hobbyists and professionals.
  • Can be used with a wide range of pneumatic tools.
  • Valves: they are designed and made in our plants, thereby ensuring high air delivery volumes;

  • Ventilation: fans, flywheels, and special conveyors guarantee excellent ventilation to ensure great durability for every pumping unit;

  • Cylinder processing: special machine tools ensure a cylinder surface that minimizes the compressor's oil consumption;

  • Machining: all the critical details of the compressor unit are machined in our plants with robotic machine tools to ensure high-quality standards and constant control for the whole production process.

  • Very versatile and easy-to-use compressors.
  • Equipped with a lubricated pump with a powerful electric motor.
  • Ideal for all DIY and semi-professional applications.
  • Suitable for constant hard work.
  • Ideal for demanding hobbyists, professionals, and small businesses.
  • Equipped with powerful and reliable pumping units.
  • Suitable for continuous and hard work.
  • Ideal for professionals and small businesses.
  • Equipped with powerful and reliable pumping units with cast iron cylinder.

These compressors feature a timing control panel with the direct start-up.

  • The silenced compressors
 with the lowest noise level available in the category!
  • Available 
in versions without tanks or with 270 and 500 liters, highly compact
 to take up as little space as possible.

The DARI range of lubricated “V” type compressors includes both the lubricated coaxial “V” and the belt-driven compressors.

The coaxial compressors feature pumps made of aluminum with cast-iron
 cylinders that guarantee large air capacity. The belt-driven compressors are supplied with pumps entirely manufactured in cast iron with a low number of revs; their belt guards, made of sturdy plastic, are designed to channel the air of the flywheel directly onto the cylinders, thereby considerably lowering the temperature of the compressed air generated.
Equipped with external air filters to make them easier to open for cleaning and sight glasses to visually check the oil level.
Suitable for intensive use, the DARI compressors with “V” cylinders are the ideal working tool for demanding hobbyists and professionals.


  • Coaxial oilless pump units;

  • Coaxial lubricated pump units;

  • Lubricated “V” type;

  • Belt-driven single-stage;

  • Belt-driven double stage.

In addition to the complete piston compressors, DARI also offers a wide range of pump units: